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In an effort to further our mission to develop and nurture integrative informatics research and educational studies at the University of Florida, UFII provides fellowship programs to Post-Doctoral Associates and/or Graduate Students who are already selected and/or employed by a College, Department, or mentoring PI on UF Campus. A major focus of the programs is to promote interdisciplinary communication and collaboration to meet the goal of solving challenging problems. As a reflection of UFII’s goal of integration and diversity, our 2016 and 2017 Fellows represent research in agricultural & biological engineering, biomedical science & engineering, computer & information science & engineering, economics, horticultural science, industrial & systems engineering, material science & engineering, mathematics, molecular genetics & microbiology, nursing, occupational therapy, pharmacotherapy & translational research, physics, and political science,  To learn more about the two fellowship programs, click here. Meet our UFII Fellows by clicking on the links below.


2019 Fellows 

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UFII Fellows Recorded Presentations