UF AI Initiative

Artificial Intelligence, augmented reality, machine learning, and other emerging tools are revolutionizing the way we work, play and live our lives. UF is launching a new initiative to advance and apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) across the university enterprise as a fundamental pillar of our academic pursuits. This initiative will train our graduates for an AI-enabled world through new university-wide curricula. In addition, UF anticipates enhancing our research computing with some of the nation’s most advanced AI machinery. Together with our own home-grown supercomputer HiPerGator 3.0, we will have some of the very best and fastest supercomputer resources in U.S. higher education. It is our intent to 1) build supercomputing resources in AI to tackle challenging real-world problems, 2) to become a model for “AI across the curriculum” where any UF student who wishes to graduate equipped to engage AI in their discipline can do so, and 3) to use this new initiative to create a model for AI Workforce Development that can serve as a template for other colleges and universities in Florida and the U.S.

AI Events

Events are held to engage our faculty from all across UF. They are listed chronological from upcoming to past. Check back to see new listings.

AI on UF Research Computing Infrastructure – August 12, 2020

The focus of this event is to explain the infrastructure, including hardware, software, and trainings, that UFIT Research Computing provides to support AI research and education at U. The event is Wednesday, August 12, 2020, 10:30AM – 12:00PM, via Zoom. To attend, register below. Zoom link will be emailed to you.

    • Erik Deumens:  “Overview of UF as the AI University with HiPerGator AI powered by NVIDIA as the most advanced AI infrastructure for academic work on AI in the world.”
    • Ying Zhang: “Overview of the hardware and software resources at Research Computing that support AI research”
    • Dan Maxwell: The AI Seminar Series: A Conversation about Informal (non-credit) AI Learning Experiences at UF
    • Matt Gitzendanner: “UF Research Computing will expand training content to include AI and collaborate with Dan on the AI Seminar Series experiences. In addition, GPU resources will be made available for courses that wish to incorporate hands-on learning experiences. We are also interested in working with faculty to develop modules for courses, helping faculty add AI content to their courses.”

To register, go to: https://informatics.institute.ufl.edu/2020/07/registration-ai-on-uf-research-computing-infrastructure/.

UFII AI Advances and Applications

Upcoming Talks

September 2, 2020: Dr. Adrian Roitberg “AI for Quantum Chemistry”

September 9, 2020: Dr. Sanjay Ranka, “AI for Smart City Transportation”

September 16, 2020: Dr. Mattia Prosperi (title TBA)

September 30, 2020: Dr. Alina Zare “Plant Root Analysis with Multiple Instance Learning”

October 21, 2020: Dr. Paul Torrey (title TBA)

November 12, 2020: Dr. Ruogu Fang (title TBA)

TBD: Dr. Ioannis Ampatzidis (title TBA)

SPRING 2021 talks: Dr. Ethan White; Dr. Hongcheng Liu


AI Training

NVIDIA AI Training 

More training sessions will be offered in the fall. Check back to find more details and registration.