Pilot Projects

Big Data in Health Sciences

Summary of Program

The UF Informatics Institute and UF Clinical and Translational Science Institute are jointly funding a second pilot opportunity to continue fostering collaborative momentum and catalytic projects in areas of interest identified during the CTSI-UFII Fall 2017 Roundtable Series. This RFA will support multidisciplinary pilot projects involving collaborators from two or more colleges that advance the development of novel methods, techniques or technologies with the potential to accelerate high-impact opportunities for “big data” integration and analytics in two areas:

  • Precision medicine: integration of datasets and development of analytic approaches with the potential to yield new clinical or biological insights that could inform the development of more precise diagnosis, treatment or prevention approaches at the individual level.
  • Precision public health: integration of datasets and development of analytic approaches with the potential to enable more precise identification of communities at risk for health disparities and yield new insights that could inform the development or delivery of evidence-based interventions tailored to a community’s needs.

Available Funding

UFII and CTSI will make a total of up to $200,000 available for this RFA depending on quality of submissions and budget availability. Teams can apply for awards of up to $75,000 each

Special Requirements

To promote this call, UFII-CTSI are sponsoring a Collaboration Event on November 7th , 2018. At least one faculty member from your applicant team will be required to attend the event.



Collaboration Event Registration Deadline:           TBD

Collaboration Event:                                                TBD

Application Deadline:                                              TBD

Anticipated Notice of Awards:                                 TBD

Award Funding Period (up to 12 months):             TBD

UFII-CTSI_Fall 2018 Guidelines

Required files to include in your application:

UFII-CTSI_Fall 2018 Pilot Application Form

UFII-CTSI_Fall 2018 Pilot Application_Metadata Sheet


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