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What is a UFII SEED Fund?

The UF Informatics Institute (UFII) SEED Funds are internal awards that the Institute awards each year out to Principle Investigators (PI) across the UF campus. Their purpose is to support new collaboration among our expert faculty on campus, giving them the resources needed to gather new or additional data for their “shovel ready” projects with the hope of building a better standing for submission to external sponsors such as NSF and NIH. Through this program, the Informatics Institute works to fulfill its goal to build new collaborative relationships among our faculty as well as bring more research dollars to further the University’s research initiative. In prior years of funding the Institute has awarded on average six awards per year at anywhere from $25,000-50,000 per award. Through these awards the UFII has assisted in supporting Graduate Students and budding research on campus.

There are two tracks to the UFII SEED Fund program that will be offered starting the 2018-2019 year: Senior SEED Funding and Junior SEED Funding. The Senior SEED Funding track will incorporate our more established faculty on campus, offering the traditional SEED Fund opportunities that have come out of UFII since 2014. Our new Junior track will be offered to new faculty on campus, in the hopes to help our up and coming faculty to launch their research ideas.

Submitted projects, to either track, are reviewed based on their innovation and their support in the mission and goals of the Informatics Institute, as well as their relation to the act of information representation/analysis/mining in any discipline of research. They also are reviewed in relation to the following five UFII thematic areas:

  1. Core Data Science and Informatics Techniques and Technologies
  2. Biomedical and Life Science Informatics and Big Data Analytics
  3. Informatics and Big Data Analytics for Engineered Systems and the Physical Sciences
  4. Informatics and Big Data Analytics in Social Science, Humanities and Education
  5. Informatics and Big Data Analytics in Agricultural Science

Who is Eligible for an UFII SEED Fund?

The target audience for an UFII SEED Fund is any UF Faculty member meeting the guidelines for Principle Investigator (PI) status as outlined by the Division of Sponsored Programs. Awards cannot be made to individual Graduate Students or Post-Doctoral Associates.

UFII Junior SEED Fund is targeted towards junior faculty who start date has been within the last five years and has a title of Assistant Professor.

UFII Senior SEED Fund is targeted towards all other PIs across campus who meet the base Principle Investigator (PI) status.

Please see the linked guidelines for each below.

What will an UFII SEED Fund Support?

UFII SEED Funds are intended to cover the estimated expenses of a “shovel ready” project. This can include (but not limited to) Graduate Student or Post-Doctral Associates’ salary and/or tuition, lab or research equipment needed to finish or supplement research data, travel to a particular field site, or procurement of particular datasets (these are examples only and are not all inclusive). The only expenses that are not allowed are faculty salaries. All other expenses must be in line with the University Directives and Procedures as well as Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) Policies.

How Do I Apply?

UFII SEED 2020: Junior

Now Open!

Submission Deadline Date: January 21,2020 by 5 pm.
Anticipated Award Amount: $30,000
Award Duration: 1 year
Earliest Start Date: May 1, 2020 

UFII SEED 2020 Guidelines-Junior



Prior Year(s) Seed Fund Guidelines

Prior Year(s) Seed Fund Recipients