Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program

In an effort to further our mission to develop and nurture integrative informatics research and education studies at the University of Florida, the Informatics Institute is offering 1 year fellowship awards to support Post-Doctoral candidates in furthering their training and education in research in a UFII thrust area at the University of Florida. The award is intended to be a supplement of support for a Post-Doctoral Associate already selected and/or employed by their College, Department, or mentoring PI.

All Post-Doctoral Associates supported by the program will be provided an office for 1 year at UFII in order to foster the secondary goal of the program, promoting interdisciplinary communication and collaboration to help solve challenging problems. After the year the Post-Doctoral Associate will be moved to and supported by their sponsoring PI’s department.

Estimated Number of Awards: 3-5 Awards

Submission Deadline:Closed

Earliest Start Date: May 15th, 2020

Notice of Awards : Due to delays caused by Cover-19 with our reviewers, we are working to evaluate when we can have our fellows notices out to everyone. Please continue to check back for updates.

UFII Fellowship Guidelines 20- Post Doctoral

Other Required Documents:

Departmental Signature Sheet

UFII Budget Template

Prior Rounds:

Current and Prior Fellows